Weekly Roundup 29.11.12

This week, Chillingo new games are all about action. Whether it’s plummeting through the clouds in Sky Hero, dashing through deadly levels in Mini Dash, or sprinting to the finish line in Word Derby, we’ve got something for every kind of thrill seeker.

Screenshot from Sky Hero

Leap over the fortress walls and fall into this addictive endless faller. Steer hero John left and right using tilt or touch controls to avoid cannons, bombs, saws, and other airborne dangers and unlock new challenges by playing Sky Hero at different times of the day. Help John accomplish General Barbas’ last will and save your honor.

Screenshot from Word Derby

Get some friends together at the starting gates and use your vocabulary to beat them to the finish line. Word Derby is an asynchronous multiplayer word game with a competitive twist. Connect with friends via Facebook, in your Contacts, or locally and put together high-scoring words or use rare power-ups to gain the lead.

Screenshot from Mini Dash

Put your skills to the test is this addictive, colorful platformer. Dash through an assortment of three worlds home to over 150 levels: some challenging, others dastardly tough. Keep an eye out for homages to the games of yore when you’re not looking out for deadly traps in your way.

Screenshot from Jelly Jumpers

This is one addictive title that’s easy to pick up but too sticky to put down! Jelly Jumpers makes the jump to Android. Guide the cute, gelatinous jellies up and up with just a tap and chain together a high score that you can stick to the top of the leaderboards.

Sky Hero, Word Derby, and Mini Dash are all universal apps and are available right now on the App Store. Jelly Jumpers is available to download from the Google Play Store app.