Rock Runners reviews roll in

It seems nothing can stop Rock Runners. After claiming “Editor’s Choice” on the App Store, Recoil Games’ sprinting platformer has gone on to receive a number of top scoring reviews.

Screenshot of Rock Runners

“Rock Runners is a fantastic game,” writes Pocket Gamer in its 8/10 “Silver Award” winning review. “…a thrilling platformer with a joyful sense of speed and agility.”

148 Apps enjoyed this one-tap runner in their 4.5/5 review they deemed it worthy of “Editor’s Choice”, adding that Rock Runners is “a tightly designed, highly addictive game of speed and skill, making it a ton of fun.”

“Rock Runners is a smart mix of old and new school design, wrapped in a joyful platforming experience iOS users will dig for weeks,” writes Modojo in its 4/5 review. “Kudos to everyone involved.”

GameTrailers named Rock Runners as its “App of the Day”, praising the game’s “sheer number of levels, unlocked goodies, and cool outer space theme…with downloadable content on the way, we think this title will be a favorite for weeks to come.”

Kotaku dug deep for its appraisal aptly titled ‘I Knew From the Start That I would Love Rock Runners’. “Rock Runners is all about fluid movement…there are no hard stops, no awkward moments—a perfect run is a supremely satisfying thing.”

Does Rock Runners sound like something you might dig? Get your running shoes on, strap on your grappling hook and head over to the App Store.