Excitement builds for Anomaly Korea

As the release of the highly anticipated Anomaly Korea nears, a selection of the gaming press recently went hands-on with the first four missions from 11 Bit Studio’s all-new campaign.

What did they make of this highly anticipated sequel? Check out their praise-filled comments below:

“This game is more about content, so there are new vehicles, new powerups and lots of new features to find.” — TUAW

“In this sequel, everything has been taken to the next level, especially the graphics.” — 148Apps

“Anomaly Korea is shaping up nicely. If you’re already a fan of the series, you shouldn’t be disappointed with this instalment.” — Pocket Gamer

“We’ve been having a blast with the game. The new additions change up the strategy in fun ways and we can’t wait until everyone gets to share the same experience.” — AppSmile

“The game looks stunning running on the fourth generation iPad. Detailed textures, 3D buildings, particle effects and dynamic lighting showcase the impressive art style of the game.” — Monstervine