Modojo kicks off its Pixel People Diary

Handheld gaming site Modojo has kicked off the first entry in its Pixel People diary.

Screenshot of Pixel People

In its 4.5/5 review, Modojo said Pixel People had “charm in spades, depth of play and an awful lot of content to keep your fingers busy for a long time to come.”

It looks like they weren’t wrong.

“It’s safe to say that we’ve become borderline obsessed with Chillingo’s Pixel People,” writes Modojo’s John Bedford in the opening line of his diary. “The thing is, all of our creations to date have been, well, a bit rubbish.”

“So we’ve decided to restart the game entirely, focusing on creating the ultimate Utopia complete with trees, parks, roads and an eye for aesthetic quality as much as efficiency.”

Check out Modojo’s progress so far and keep checking back to see how their Utopia grows in future entries.