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Rogue Sky

In a time when air power and canons ruled the roost, there was a hot air balloon named Pumpkin. Guide him and his four friends in their adventure to dominate the skies, and uncover a world beyond your wildest dreams.

Game Features
  • Smart, intuitive controls keep you in total command of your balloon, even through tricky areas and tight squeezes.
  • Huge variety of game modes to keep you playing, ranging from simply making it to the end of a level, to mine sweeping, to taking on a squadron of enemy balloons.
  • Unlock content as you progress, including power-ups, weapons, speed and armor boosts and more.
  • Amazing hand-drawn environments blend seamlessly with superbly rendered 3D models to create a stunning visual experience.
  • Collect coins to unlock all of the Rogue brothers, each one with their own special attributes.
Press Quotes
"Every element in Rogue Sky just seems to fit perfectly together. The mission-based gameplay and levels work well with the controls and are enhanced by the visuals and music."
— TouchArcade
"Rogue Sky is a nice package, with bright, parallax scrolling levels and bouncy, exciting music."
— PocketGamer
"From its vibrant visual style to its simple, yet unique gameplay, Rogue Sky is an interesting experience..."
— AppSpy
"Rogue Sky is a piece of art and should be respected for its gameplay mechanics."
— App Store Arcade
"Reminiscent of old classics such as Thrust comes Rogue Sky, a game that’s almost as challenging as those titles of the past."
— 148Apps