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Parking Mania

A game about parking cars? Trust us, once you play it, you’ll realize it’s the best idea no one else thought of. Recreating the sensation of driving using the accelerometer feels perfect, and chances are, you’ll become a better car-parker in real life, too. And the world could definitely use more of those.

Game Features
  • Over 80 stages will challenge your brain and thumbs. Can you smoothly and safely park all of those cars?
  • Three different control schemes for parking the cars: touch, tilt, or a virtual steering wheel.
  • Be on the lookout for hidden areas, secret bonuses, and other collectible goodies.
  • Can you master the parking nuances of 30 different vehicles, from big rigs to sexy sports cars?
  • Compete against friends on Crystal leaderboards and attempt to bank all achievements.
Press Quotes
"I can’t believe how something so simple is so insanely addictive and fun."
— Game Chronicles
"Parking Mania oozes with charm and addiction..."
"The cartoony visuals are well done..."
— AppSpy, 5/5
"...I find that Parking Mania is a joy to play."
— Macworld