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A blazing-fast roller coaster that never stops? That’s only scratching the surface of this unbelievable new game. Collect coins, navigate tricky track changes, and make use of a series of power-ups that are so clever, you’ll wish you thought of them first. And watch out for those dang birds.

Game Features
  • Expertly-tuned roller coaster and jumping physics that feel good and play even better.
  • Breathtaking graphics with an attention to detail that makes them pop right off the screen.
  • Multiple objectives let you play the game several different ways and add longevity.
  • Universal app that plays on both your iPad and iPhone.
Press Quotes
"It’s a ton of fun, and the rollercoaster awesome."
— Gamezebo, 4/5
"...Madcoaster is a fun arcade romp..."
— TouchGen
"Anyone can and more than likely will enjoy this game..."
— App-Score, 8/10
"To sum it up, Madcoaster is mind blowing!"
— AppCroc
"Madcoaster delivers plenty of thrills for a buck without having to stand in those annoying amusement park lines."
— Modojo, 4/5
"We all know how addicted we all are to Temple Run, but I think you should take a break from that endless running game to check out Madcoaster."
— Know Your Cell
"...Madcoaster is a good choice, thanks to its fun theme and simple gameplay."
— AppAdvice
"I absolutely adore roller coasters and endless games with simple controls are my favorite diversion; Madcoaster delivers both."
— 148Apps
"Overall, this is an excellent game for the casual game, and even a hard core gamer will enjoy this one for a while. "
— Internet Gumshoe, 80/100
"'s a fun ride..."
— Kotaku, Gaming App of the Day
"A wild, endless ride."
— TouchArcade, 4/5
"...gosh, it's pretty fun."
— Slide To Play, 3/4