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Light the Flower

Never underestimate the power of the sun — especially when it comes to solving puzzles that are both elegant and satisfying. Guide the nurturing sunlight to the dying flowers and bring them the gift of life — and smiles. You can’t not love this one.

Game Features
  • Includes 60 levels of well-balanced levels that are gratifying and offer the perfect amount of challenge.
  • Multiple solutions and star ratings add longevity.
  • Friendly art style that's perfect for all ages.
  • Universal app that plays on both your iPad and iPhone.
Press Quotes
"...thanks to some challenging puzzles and fun design, Light the Flower makes a good addition to one's iPhone library of puzzle-esque games..."
— Gamezebo, 4/5
"...we think Light the Flower is top notch."
— Modojo, 4/5
"...Light the flower is an addictive puzzle game that forces you to use your head."
— AppCroc
"It’s different and that’s what makes it so great..."
— App-Score, 10/10
"Light the Flower is an extremely likeable game. It has such a simple premise yet, like all good puzzle games, it’s hard to master."
— 148Apps, 4/5
"I believe this will become another of those sleeper hits that will slowly gain fans until word of mouth and several reviews push it into the limelight and suddenly it jumps to the top of the charts."
— Internet Gumshoe, 89/100
"Chillingo has been on a roll lately with some awesome games for families. Light the Flower is the latest stellar hit to come from their company."
— Family Friendly Gaming, 95/100
"...Light The Flower seems to have taken a style page out Cut The Rope’s book, offering a brightly-colored, cartoon style that looks clean and polished."
— AppSmile, 4/5
"If you like the kind of head-scratcher puzzles so popular in the casual mobile-gaming market today, then you’ll love this game."
— Capsule Computers
"...Light the Flower takes a well established puzzle trope and creates an enjoyable experience around it."
— App Spy, 4/5
"This puzzler will leave you beaming."
— TouchArcade, 4/5