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Conan: Tower of the Elephant

Adapted time and time again in various mediums, Robert E. Howard’s legendary story finally comes to life in a fully interactive adventure for iOS. Take control of the titular hero and steal the fabled gem from the infamous sorcerer Yara.

Game Features
  • Explore the rich world of Arenjun to uncover secret treasures, hidden quests and the stories of its citizens.
  • Fifty quests await the Cimmerian berserker.
  • Unique gesture based combat system means you can master your attacks with the touch of a finger.
  • Rage against a variety of enemies and take on powerful, deadly bosses.
  • Buy equipment and items from street merchants, or grab an ice-cold beer from the tavern to replenish your strength.
Press Quotes
"Conan is a classic character, a perfect action RPG candidate. "
— Apple ‘N’ Apps
" a nod to one of the original Conan the Cimmerian stories with the title and storyline was a nice touch."
— TouchArcade
"’s a well conceived project..."
— Slide To Play
"The battle is epic, bloody and exciting."
— iBirdy
"Conan: TofE is an RPG adventure where the emphasis is on action as Conan hacks and slashes his way through the levels."
— Touch Reviews